Poem For My Mother

Lisa Syratt, where do I begin?

I won’t thank you for the Goggin chin.

But I’ll say cheers for other things,

Now I’m gonna pull at your heart strings.

You’ve been my Mum now for many years,

We have shared many laughs and some tears.

You have stuck by me through thick and thin,

Through it all a great mum you have been.

My bad decisions you helped me through,

Even let me move back in with you.

You then put up with my clubbing days,

Sacrificed your home for house parties.

I’ve settled down now and I’m happy,

I can however still be trappy.

I can probably thank you for that,

And my ability to back chat.

There’s much for me to be grateful for,

Cuddles, food, money, clothes, gifts and more.

I wouldn’t swap you that much is true,

Mum in a million, that is you.



2 thoughts on “Poem For My Mother

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