Three Ways: Autumn 2013 Trend – Pink

So everyone knows that pink is the colour of the season. Autumn/Winter 2013 catwalks were full of it and ever since, magazines haven’t stopped mentioning that our wardrobe should be full of rose, salmon, fuchsia, blush, coral and any other shade of pink you can think of. So here I am to help you update your wardrobe in accordance with this current trend and your budget.

For each item I have chosen a budget, treat and extravagant choice so you can go shopping without feeling guilty. In my opinion, you are best splashing the cash when it comes to accessories, you’re never too fat for a handbag, right? Also if you are out to impress, a Mulberry handbag is much easier to spot than a Whistles vest. I do tend to go against the grain in this respect as I save money on my staples, my vests, basic jeans etc but my jewelry and accessories are where I spend, spend, spend!

The Coat

Extravagance Ted Baker, £249.00. This is a beautiful coat, there is no denying it. The extra wide collar is bang on trend and the belt will still allow you to define your figure. And the colour! Oh wow, it’s just so pretty (as long as you only wear it in a child/pet/accident free zone). Plus, it’s not really breaking the bank! It’s available in House of Fraser and on Asos so there’s no excuse not to get one!


Treat – Hobbs, £129.00. In my opinion, a quilted jacket is a must for every woman. Get some black skinny jeans and black riding boots and you’ll be invited out clay pigeon shooting or horse riding in no time. Not only is this coat soooo Autumn/Winter 2013 it is also in budget, gorgeous and delightfully warm.


Budget –, £30.00. Ok, so pink is hot this season and guess what, so are Biker Jackets, so why not combine the two in Boohoo’s gorgeous studded pink jacket? This little beauty would look great with your skinny jeans on a girls day out.



Treat – Hobbs, £75.00. Make sure you also invest in a pair of white cigarette style trousers and rock them with this minimalistic blazer. This combination will give you a clean cut look perfect for the next garden party or cocktail event you are invited to.


Budget – Mango, £29.99. Fuchsia has to be my favourite shade of pink just because it is so dramatic. And there’s nothing more dramatic than combining it with a peplum jacket. Just throw this over a completely neutral outfit to create the desired drama. If you’re quick John Lewis have this little lovely on sale for £29.99 down from £69.99 but you’ll have to run they are selling fast.



Treat – Custommade, £45.00. This jumper is super soft and the fabulous pockets make it formal enough to wear to the office with black tailored trousers. It’s on sale at Atterley Road at the moment, which leaves you feeling less guilty about spoiling yourself but with a £50 saving they won’t be round for long.


Budget – New Look, £22.99. Texture also featured heavily in this season’s catwalks, so this jumper will turn you into a fashionista whilst also keeping you warm throughout winter. Throw it over a thermal vest on the extra chilly days and it will add a touch of femininity to your black skinny jeans.


Treat – Cambridge Satchel Company (Asos), £115.00. The classic satchel will never go out of fashion so why not spend your pennies wisely on this classic piece. This matt blush pink colour is not only totally in fashion but it’s also gorgeous. It’s exclusive to Asos so that means free delivery! Want, want, want!

image1xl (1)

Budget – Ted Baker, £29.00. There was a time when you would have never seen a Ted Baker item in the budget section of my blog, however the introduction of their patent shoppers has brought their bags to a new audience. A favourite among teenagers and students, I love these quirky bags, what’s more they can withstand a certain level of abuse and showers making them perfect commuters luggage.


Extravagance – Karl Lagerfield, £120.00. Who doesn’t need a pair of shoes with ice-cream on? These heels are not only a bit of fun but they are also made out of 100 % recycled rubber for the eco-savy!


Treat – Lacoste, £55.00. I love these slip-on plimsolls, not only because they go with the ‘pink’ trend but because they look comfy as hell. These are the kind of shoes you buy to wear when you are trying to be casual then they end up as the shoe for all occasions; driving, grocery shopping, coffee with the girls, walking the dog, picking up the kids from school, power walking, the list is endless so keep them in your car and give your feet a rest every once in a while.

image1xl (2)

Budget – Shoe Zone, £14.99. It’s Autumn, of course you need wellies! And no they don’t have to be Hunters. This fantastic pair are so cheap you can have a pair for festivals and a pair for dog walking. Perfect!


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