About Amelie



Writer. House Decorator. Radio Presenter. Dog Lover. Trainee Teacher. Tattoo Adorer. Full Stop Admirer. (And not necessarily in that order).

I see myself as a combination of Bridget Jones, all four Sex And The City girls, Patsy Stone and Sophie Kinsella.

I enjoy women’s fiction, event-planning and well-made margaritas (cocktails not pizzas).

On the 31.12.12 I made a New Years Resolution that I would do anything that scared me, as a result I have now started a blog, been tattooed (twice), joined university, left my job, decided to renovate a house, become a dog mum of two, cut all my hair off, ditched fake tan, presented on live radio, quit wearing heels during the week, created a nom de plume, sold my car, written a women’s fiction novel and… there’s more to come.

Confession time – I can’t seem to stop buying clothes, handbags, cars or puppies. Also I’m addicted to Pinterest.

Oh and here are my babies, Lily & George, you may read about these two quite a bit.


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