Daily Prompt: Country

We are lucky enough to live in the Great British countryside, so as a result my entry for ‘Country’ is a photograph of my Alaskan Shepalute puppy, George enjoying his time playing in the fields. This was taken when he was about six months old, which is why the crops seem to dwarf him, now however it would be a different story.




Daily Prompt: “It’s our party we can love who we want”

The challenge: To take the third line of the last song I heard, make it my post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. 

The Last Song I heard: We can’t stop by Miley Cyrus

The Third Line: “It’s our party we can love who we want”

Miley Cryus


Is that true with the threat of pregnancies,

Unwanted trouser nits and STD’s,

And sex in the most awful locations.

Not to mention awkward conversations,

When you realise you have bedded a mate,

Which after a few vodkas sounded great.

A party just isn’t the place to hump,

Even if she has got the greatest rump.

So the next time you feel the need to mate,

How about you arrange a proper date?

Challenge Link: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/daily-prompt-speed/

I do… Again.


Often frowned upon by religious and non-religious folks alike but if we put god aside for a moment, are multiple marriages something that should be referred to as a sign of commitment issues or emotional detachment? Or could these serial spouses be onto something? After all we are living longer, communication with potential partners is easier and these days you seem to be able to get a divorce quicker than ordering a takeaway. Personally, I haven’t felt the need to get married once let alone several times but I just feel sorry for the brides and grooms of today who aren’t marrying for the first time and are therefore being dubbed the next Elizabeth Taylor.

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Daily Prompt: Street Superstar


She thinks she is the next superstar,

standing there with her acoustic guitar.

But she’s just a young girl far from home,

a diva queen without her throne.

Stood between Tesco and Poundland,

her stage today is far from grand.

But maybe one day she will make it big,

and land her very own O2 gig.

But our street superstar will have to wait,

as only time will reveal her fate.

She could be the next X Factor winner,

or just another street corner singer.

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I start uni in September and as part of my course preparation I decided to redecorate my home office. Unfortunately, this project is taking longer than I had originally planned and is still in progress. I have chosen a gloss white and fuchsia pink colour scheme and have a fairly low budget so when I was looking for artwork for my room I knew that it had to be both inexpensive and well.. pink! So I went to one of my favourite websites, Pinterest.com, created a board called ‘Inspirational Quotes’ and found a select few that inspired me. I simply typed the quotes onto word and printed them onto a pink background, then placed them in a reasonably priced Ikea frame. Please find below photographs of my home-made inspirational artwork.