Things to do when you are bored.

You know you are bored when you Google ‘Things to do when you are bored’ and we all know that your boredom isn’t going to be eased by hours of browsing on Asos or scrolling down your Facebook news feed. When the fore-mentioned Google search occurs, everyone knows you mean business.

So when the clock struck 10:19 this morning and I started to type in my Google search bar, ‘things to do wh…’ I stopped myself. Can I really be this bored that I need other people’s advice on how to entertain myself? Didn’t I read somewhere that only bored people get bored? I am about to start university, currently working full-time, writing a women’s fiction novel, a mum to two puppies, painstakingly renovating a house and I am bored! I laughed and thought that there must be some sort of list for me to produce or shopping I should be doing but no there was not. So I continued with my search.

Endless links cascaded in front of me, ‘funny cat vids’, ‘paid surveys’ and ‘free online games’ came top of the list and I shook my head, this is not my sort of thing at all. I need to make the most of my day, I have internet access and idle thumbs that need more than just mindless time-wasters. I quickly added the word ‘productive’ to my Google search and waited for the links to load. I’m sure the internet wasn’t just invented for bored teenagers, school kids on their summer break and stay-at-home-mums; there must be entertainment available for us mid-twenty, office bound professionals.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that most mid-twenty, office bound professionals are too busy working, socialising and living the ‘Sex and The City’ lifestyle that I can only dream of. So with the absence of a cosmopolitan, explosive sex life and a column-writing career I decided to start a blog. Boredom-buster, emotion expresser, life sharer who knows what this page will become, all I know is I’ve not had to endure any ‘funny cat vids’ yet and it’s now 12:29.