Three Ways: Victoria Sponge

Three Ways to enjoy the classic Victoria Sponge: Paid-for, packet-mix or home-made.

1. Paid-For

If you are buying your Victoria Sponge, ensure the cake is still soft and, if you are able to, give the sides a prod to check there are no hardening edges. Also make sure you pick up a cake with the most time left until it’s best before date because sponge goes stale very quickly and if you eat it even one day past the B.B.D. it is usually too late.

My favourite supermarkets for cakes are Morrisons as they have a fresh cake counter or Waitrose. Morrisons charge about £4 for a fresh 10 inch victoria sponge, but get there early as they sell out fast and make sure you are going to eat it that day or the next as they go stale quickly. The fresh cream and jam are really tasty and you can’t beat the price. Unfortunately, you cannot order them online and I know in my area Morrisons are few and far between but do not fear cake-lovers as Waitrose sells a gorgeous victoria sponge by Handmade Delights for £5.39, which you can order online for delivery. What’s more, as the cake is actually handmade and not perfectly round, if you throw away the packaging you can convince your friends and family that you actually made the cake! (Throw some icing sugar around your kitchen and down your top to really enforce your point.)


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I start uni in September and as part of my course preparation I decided to redecorate my home office. Unfortunately, this project is taking longer than I had originally planned and is still in progress. I have chosen a gloss white and fuchsia pink colour scheme and have a fairly low budget so when I was looking for artwork for my room I knew that it had to be both inexpensive and well.. pink! So I went to one of my favourite websites,, created a board called ‘Inspirational Quotes’ and found a select few that inspired me. I simply typed the quotes onto word and printed them onto a pink background, then placed them in a reasonably priced Ikea frame. Please find below photographs of my home-made inspirational artwork.