Top Ten Television Series

Having reached the point in my life where my evenings are no longer spent propping up the bar or dancing around my handbag in my finest white stilettos (I joke they were black), I have found myself appreciating my Sky Plus box much more than I had ever imagined. It’s not so much the issue of being so busy that I miss my favourite programmes but more the fact that I am so impatient that I cannot wait a whole week to watch the next episode of my favourite television series.

So what are you recording? I hear you cry. Well, mind your own business. I’m joking, of course I am. Instead please find below a list of my favourite television series, so you can also become fans, buy the box sets and not have to wait for the next episode.

So here it is; the top ten television series to ever have graced my screen (well the ones I can remember). I’m not going to beat about the bush here, you are getting one paragraph max. of why you should watch these fantastic programmes and if you need more visit IMDB.

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